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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

5 Must-Have Tools for Start-Ups

Posted by Edward
Written by Kate Pirs

It has been commonly said that, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Everyone can attest to this in one way or another. Starting a business without a business plan is definitely a recipe for disaster. Therefore, the first and most crucial tool that any start up business requires is a business plan. A business plan's main purpose is to provide a guideline on what exactly the business needs to focus on and how best to execute the said plan to achieve success.
Other vital tools that a business should have include:

Better communication

Proper channels of communication are central in the prosperity of any business. Any start up needs to have efficient communication channels with their employees. Sound communication will allow employees and their seniors’ exchange their ideas, opinions and knowledge through perfectly set up forums. For example, there should be upward communication- to ensure that the subordinates and other employees get to relay their desires, queries and suggestions to the management. Simply without proper upward communication the management cannot understand if the employees are satisfied or not.

To achieve an effective and communicative atmosphere within a start-up business, technology will serve a major role. Smart phones, a landline in addition to a fax machine are a necessity. A smartphone has become a household name thus can help in maintaining a constant communication line with our employees as well as take advantage of other technological advancements such as podcast or messaging to pass information fast.
A landline phone on the other hand is effective for a business start-up to keep in touch with their customers through the phone.

Personal computers

Technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate over the past few years. Any modern age business will definitely need a laptop or personal computers for data entry and also management. Computers additionally keep track of files and records demystifying the traditional manual systems of record keeping.

Online Business Website

This is a MUST for all business start-ups  Before inviting the public to come see what you are offering, having an online presence is critical. This is relevant particularly if the business is interested in making more sales on the internet as part of eCommerce. With millions jamming the internet today, the thought of operating a business away from the internet is unheard of.
A business website opens the doors to a wider range of clients. A website is that invaluable marketing tool that will cost you probably less than having to pay for billboards and designing fliers.
A website will allow you have a mailing list through getting emails from clients so as to send them the latest deals as well as crucial information they wish to have.
Customer service with websites goes a notch higher as you can interact at a more personal level with your clients through either the mails or even private chats serviced by trained customer agents.
An online website integrated with online transaction capability will increase your sales as a small business. Geographical barriers are no longer an issue as clients can shop from whatever location comfortably.

Business Dashboards

A business dash board is used to display the set of agreed upon performance indicators relevant to a specific employee. A business dash board will be important in ensuring that the employees know exactly what is expected of them for the success of the business.

Business Scoreboards

Properly designed scoreboards are key to the success of any business. They bring about transparency by showing the employees the status of the business such as profits, losses and the goals.

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