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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Transfer files between Google drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Dropbox easily

Posted by Edward
My last topic was about SkyDrive in which I explained how you can make backup of your important files using skydrive. But if you have your files on SkyDrive and you want to move those files to Google Drive then you can do that by this simple trick. In fact this trick works for the transfer of files between SkyDrive by microsoft, Google Drive,, dropbox and some more. You can transfer files by downloading them from first and then uploading them to other, but this is time consuming. Use below mentioned process in order to transfer files easily and safely.


- Process is very simple and easy. Just make a free account on MyBackUpBox. Put your email and your password and hit enter.
- After that hit click to connect to connect your account needed for transfer of files
- After clicking on that you'll see box like below with different services which they support for transfer of files
- Just click on your required one to connect respective account with your mybackupbox account.
- After that you'll be given a box to specify display name for that service.
- Give it name and click on add this connector.
- After your click on add this connector you'll be taken to new page where you'll need to log in to your that account. In my case I used dropbox so I was taken to log in page of Dropbox.
- After authorisation you'll see your connected service at top of all given services.

- Now after this add your other account and then transfer your files using given instructions on their web.

You can Schedule a transfer if you don't want transfer to take place now. You can also choose if you want to transfer complete folder or selected files.

If you are using mybackupbox for free then you have 100MB per file limit. If your file is greater than this size then you need to upgrade your account.

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